Saturday, November 10, 2018

James Macdonald and the Harvest Lawsuit

I don't go to Harvest Bible Chapel. I have never been interested in going there. And this lawsuit from Harvest against two former Harvest elders to me shows a deep seeded sense of control that is present in Harvest and James Macdonald.

In the bizarre video where the elder board excommunicated these former elders, James Macdonald says that the elder board speaks for God. Then the elders go on to say that to disagree with their authority is satanic to the core. In my humble opinion, this is insane. Especially in a Protestant tradition that was founded upon Martin Luther disagreeing with the Catholic Church.

The irony is striking, and Harvest would be wise to drop the lawsuit. Their chances of winning are slim, and the amount of bad publicity will likely hurt Harvest way more in the long run than some blog of a few dissenting excommunicated elders.