Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Is This a Real Life Christian Miracle Caught on Tape?

Here's my opinion. This is not a miracle caught on tape. Rather, the baby was still in a coma when her eyes opened. Sadly, open eyes does not mean the baby has come out of a coma. 

I have some personal experience with this. My good friend was in a 6 month coma before tragically dying a few years ago. When I went to visit him in the hospital, he would sometimes open his eyes and look around the room, almost as if he were coherent. But his eyes had a glazed over look to them, similar to this baby. At first, I was surprised and I thought he had woken up from the coma. But his mother informed me that though my friend's eyes were open, he was still in the coma. 

If the baby in this video were crying and acting coherent, I might believe it had waken from the coma. Also, look at the mother's reaction. The mother didn't appear surprised or excited when her beautiful baby opened her eyes. Naturally, she understood more about the coma than this agenda driven preacher. In my opinion, it is deceptive for this church should to advertise this as a miracle. 

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